New Way Of Krautrock Vol.1 CD

from NWOK

First NWOK compilation. Limited to 1000 copies. High quality digipack and CD with vinyl-style.

1. Das Raumpiloten - Underground-Äxpärten-Jingle
2. Lover 303 - Jetzt geht´s los
3. Electric Orange - Chorg
4. Knall - Weed Porn
5. Sounds Of New Soma - Mahatma macht Mittag
6. The Spacelords - Prelude-Rhinocerus-Bison
7. Aphodyl - Pyramide Of Slave
8. Larman Clamor - Tangerine Nightfall

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NWOK Germany

New Way Of Krautrock is a compilation of artists who feel at home and feel free in the current Kraut scene. Psychedelic, Space Rock, Drone, Prog, Stoner and Electronic music....enjoy the new scene of Krautrock!
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